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Best lead Generation Software: Why You Should Use Leadwick

Ask a business executive, which is harder to do — capturing leads or closing deals? The answer would be both. 

In fact, you would find many salespeople who would say capturing leads is sometimes more difficult than selling a product to a customer. 

Today, there is a lot more noise out there, and customers have more choices than ever. While many people would visit your website every day, but only a few ever make their way back. 

Lead generation is all about engaging with customers the very moment they show an interest in your product or service. Otherwise, you risk losing a lead to your competitors. 

In fact, 85% of B2B marketers say lead generation is their most important content marketing goal. 

Companies use various lead generation strategies to market their product and service to their target audience and increase the pool of prospects. As a sales manager, your biggest challenge is to identify the right set of people and channelize your efforts to those people at the right time and convert them into paying customers. 

Grabbing your audience’s attention is not an easy task anymore. However, using technology, you can automate your workflow and generate leads quickly. 

What Is Lead Generation Software? 

Lead generation software is a marketing automation tool designed to help capture leads from various customer touchpoints, including web landing pages, emails, social media platforms, and others. 

The tool automatically captures potential leads’ information and distributes them to the sales and marketing team to nurture and convert the leads into customers. All the data is stored in an organized way, making it easy to keep track of every lead captured and assign it to the appropriate salesperson. 

These lead generation solutions are available as standalone or integrated solutions with other marketing software, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management). 

One such solution is Leadwick — an all-in-one marketing automation tool that aims to streamline and automate the entire lead generation process. 

Why Does Your Business Need Lead Generation Software like Leadwick? 

A survey by VentureBeat confirmed that marketing automation provides ROI. 

80% of businesses witnessed more leads, and 77% saw a higher conversion rate after automating their marketing workflows.

With the right lead generation software, you can generate more qualified leads and efficiently convert them.

Leadwick is one such powerful automation platform that offers a bundle of 10 lead generation tools to help businesses achieve profitability. It is designed to help companies reach their prospects faster and capture and nurture them into long-lasting customers. 

Let us look at some of the benefits that tools like Leadwick offer. 

1. Maintaining Contact Information

Lead generation software allows you to capture prospects from various sources, but making the most of this information at times is difficult owing to the fact that this information keeps changing with people switching their jobs or getting new numbers. 

It’s vital to have updated information if you contact a lead from long ago or have a long sales cycle. 

In such cases, lead generation management tools can help you keep your contact data updated by integrating with CRM databases. Thus, it ensures that you have all the information you need to approach your prospects.

2. Helps Extract Leads from Various Sources 

For more online businesses, the majority of their leads come from the web. Lead generation tools immediately capture all information of your website visitors. It gathers data from your interaction with prospects, such as downloading an ebook, filling up a contact form, and taking any other action on a landing page. 

3. Better Lead and Funnel Management

The best thing about lead generation software is that it helps with lead management as well. The software displays all information precisely and in an organized manner, making it easy to keep track of all your leads. 

Not only that, but it also helps with lead scoring and nurturing. When the number of leads increases in your pipeline, it becomes hard to manage them. Besides, salespeople tend to focus more on qualified leads and ignore the task of nurturing prospects.

This is where lead generation software can be useful. It can automate the lead nurturing process to make the prospects stay in touch with your business and free up sales team time to pay more attention to closing deals. 

For instance, using Leadwick, you can automate sending drip emails based on recipients’ actions. In fact, it allows you to customize them to target segmented markets. 

In short, a lead generation solution ensures that you and your team stay focused on all important tasks. 

4. Providing Notifications and Reminders

You risk losing a potential lead if you fail to respond to them quickly. And even if you do respond to your potential leads on time, you can still lose them if you fail to provide them with relevant information. 

Lead generation software acts like a personal assistant that sends out immediate alerts whenever you have a lead captured. For instance, Leadwick allows you to install an automated chatbot on your website home page. 

As soon as you have a visitor on your website, the chat box pops up and initiates a conversation like ‘how can I help you?’

Furthermore, it sends out reminder alerts to the respective salespeople when it is time for follow-up calls or emails. 

5. Provides Real-Time Reporting 

Just generating leads is not enough. It is equally important to understand what is driving those leads. Are your followers engaging in your social media? Or is your recent free downloadable ebook making quite a buzz? 

Lead generation software can help you identify which sources are bringing you more leads and which strategy is working for you. It can provide real-time reports that will help you make informed and smart decisions. It will help you determine which channel to focus on more and which are less effective, allowing you to target leads in a better way. 

Important Features of Leadwick

Lead generation software offers many functionalities packed into one. It is so designed that it can either integrate with your CRM and email marketing system or work as a standalone system. 

Leadwick offers a platform that incorporates 10 important lead generation capabilities packed into a single package. It aims to help increase your effectiveness in finding and nurturing more qualified leads. 

Let us look at the various features of Leadwick that can help increase your sales conversion. 

i. LinkedIn Extractor Chrome Extension

Linkedin is one of the fastest-growing platforms for professionals. With nearly 700 million active users, LinkedIn has become one of the top social media platforms best for finding prospects and nurturing leads. 

There are inexpensive tools that can help you achieve your business goals on autopilot. Leadwick offers you a LinkedIn Extractor that allows you to fetch email addresses directly from your LinkedIn network. You have to simply download the Google Chrome extension and start extracting emails in a single click. 

Not just email ID, it can even gather other contact information about your connections. 

While sending emails or messages, you can target and segment audiences based on all LinkedIn filters, including company name, locations, designation, industries, etc. 

There’s no limit to the number of emails you can extract from LinkedIn at any time. 

ii. Lead Extractor

Without leads, you will have no customers to convert. A lead is a contact that can be collected from multiple online and offline channels, including websites, phone calls, direct mails, trade events, etc. 

Leadwick lead extractor module lets you extract phone numbers, emails, metadata, and social media profiles from any website. Just upload the domain name, and the tool will do the rest. You can then download the report in Excel format to analyze your data and utilize that information to capture leads. 

This lead extractor allows you to collect information from 10,000 domains at once. 

iii. Data Appending Tool

The data appending tool helps you find relevant contact information based on your requirement. 

It enables you to extract data (emails) from LinkedIn profiles. You simply need to upload a CSV file into the system that contains first name, last name, and company name. It will then run its algorithm to find the email of each contact from the information shared. When you have an email ID of a company’s employees, it becomes easy to reach out to them. 

In other words, it enables you to target your ideal customers by finding details about them. 

iv. Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming one of the most popular marketing tools for capturing leads right from your website. 

Leadwick offers you AI-powered chatbots that automatically make a conversation with your visitors. So whenever your team is inaccessible, you can enable the chatbot. It allows you to create an entire sequence of operations that are triggered automatically. 

In fact, you can use this opportunity to ask for their email ID and queries. 

You can find all the captured responses on the Leadwick dashboard. Besides, you can share those details via email, SMS, or directly to the Slack channel. 

v. Domain Data Extractor

Leadwick understands how important it is to keep track of all the new entrants in the market. You can download the contact details of all the people who have registered for a new domain. 

That means you can get 100k+ leads of new domains created each day with full information, including their phone numbers, locations, email IDs, registered date, and much more. Simply put, you get an entire database of prospects, and it gets updated every 24 hours. 

vi. Review Management Widget

Online reviews play a huge role in shaping a customer’s view of a brand. That’s why it’s crucial that you have your existing customers write good reviews for your company on various review sites. 

Not only will it influence your prospects’ buying decision, but also help create brand awareness. If managed well, it can skyrocket your company’s reputation. 

Leadwick offers you a review management tool that will help you capture more reviews right from your website. It works with Facebook, Google, and Yelp reviews. 

vii. Email Drips

59% of B2B marketers say email is their most effective marketing channel in terms of revenue generation. You can create and send email campaigns right from the Leadwick dashboard. 

The entire process is pretty quick and straightforward. You can configure the SMTP email server with real ease. 

Furthermore, it offers pre-built email templates to help you get started. You can create a sequence of emails that gets triggered automatically when your prospects respond or don’t. It allows you to send unlimited emails daily. 

Leadwick dashboard also lets you track your email campaigns using different KPIs, including total email sent, opened, clicked, and the ones that bounced.

viii. API Validation

There has been increased use of bots to send a large amount of traffic to a site and slow down the server. Leadwick offers API validation that ensures that no fake email ID gets registered on your website. It protects your website from spam/junk emails. 

ix. Social Notification Widget

It’s crucial to build trust amongst your website visitors. One best way to do that is by displaying real-time notifications to your customers about the purchases made from your website.

You can easily do this by using Leadwick’s social proof widget. It increases your credibility, resulting in increased sales. Moreover, it can also redirect your customers to a specific page to help generate leads. 

x. Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is all about finding new leads. Using this tool, you can get contact information of employees from targeted companies. You can simply type in the domain or company name to extract their employees’ details. All the data extracted can be exported to Excel. 

Final Thoughts

Do you want to capture more leads for your business and grow your revenue? Try Leadwick. 

Undoubtedly, Leadwick is one of the best lead generation software designed to help your business grow. Its full-fledged functionalities will ensure that you capture more leads and reach out to them efficiently. 

If you need assistance in understanding how a lead generation solution can help your business, please feel free to reach out to us.